Friday, April 4, 2014

Break Loot from the Sky Box Part 2

Earlier in the week, I showed off the first part of the goodies I received from participating Chris' (View From the Sky Box) multi-box break. I mentioned one of the reasons I participated was the selection of product he chose as they seemed to fill some gaps in my collection.

I came back to the hobby in 2010, sticking with pretty much just the flagship from Topps. It was until later in 2011 (and really more in 2012 when I started the blog) that I started branching out into other stuff. One of those sets that flew under my radar and escaped any eBay bulk lot purchases and trades thus far was 2010's Topps National Chicle set. I've seen most of the cards before (maybe leading me to believe I already had some, if not all) but I didn't have a single one in my collection. Score!

From what I can tell, the Cubs team set consists of eight base cards and from the box break, I got seven of them. Not too shabby!

Alfonso Soriano & Aramis Ramirez

Carlos Zambrano

Derrek Lee and Marlon Byrd

Ted Lilly and Ernie Banks

The Ernie Banks was a regular base card, but it looks like he has an SP in the set as well. The only base card I missed pulling was Kosuke Fukudome.

Thanks again, Chris for the break. I think I'll get 2-3 more posts out of the loot.


  1. I've always enjoyed the National Chicle cards. They look like they would be great for autographs.

    1. I like the concept but the artwork is no Dick Perez.