Thursday, April 24, 2014

Asking for trouble

This guys feels my pain.
This gif comes from yesterday's broadcast while the Cubs were in the midst of blowing a 3-run, 9th inning lead during the 100th anniversary/birthday of Wrigley Field celebration. It's not easy being a Cubs fan, but as luck would have it, that's usually the worst thing I've got going for me right now.

I should have knocked on wood I guess.

I decided to take a little break on the Cubs lots and poke around in the Craiglists lot I picked up last weekend. I haven't really looked at the big boxes yet, but tried tackling some of the smaller ones.

I was kind of excited to pick up some junk wax in hopes of putting together some sets that would cost more to ship than buy. But I'll admit, these first couple of boxes were a little frustrating.

The 1988 Score factory set was missing about 60 cards. All of the lenticular cards were there which is cool, though. But who cherry picks 1988 Score? It'll probably cost me more to pick up the missing cards than just buy another set out right.

The same goes for the 1990 Topps set, although this one was missing 70 cards. I forgot that factory sets weren't sorted numerically when you first open them up so to add to the frustration, I had to sort them all to figure out if and what I was missing.

And finally, I have 1990 Bowman. This looks to be an attempt at a hand collated set since the box is one of the generic white ones. And there are 50 cards missing from that one, too.

I never thought I'd ask for non-Cubs junk wax, but I'll put up want lists sometime this weekend if anybody thinks they can help. So yeah, I'm probably asking for trouble. I have the numbers of the cards I need but I'm going to match them up with names and see if I find them amongst my repack spoils before I ask though.

There was a nice little surprise at the end of the Bowman box that might interest some Yankees fans, but it'll get its own post one of these days. Nothing valuable (I don't think), just interesting.


  1. I'm sure I can help you out here. If you think about it, call it to my attention if I don't respond quickly. I'd love to knock some of these out for you.

  2. I can probably help out too if you need it.