Sunday, April 6, 2014

Card Show Tease

I've been out and about all day and missed that I messed up today's post until just now. Rather than shortchange the original post, I'll leave these two photos as a teaser for the card show I attended for a few hours earlier today instead.

Vintage (70's) Dime Boxes (or 12/$1)

The Haul
I will say I used to go to this show about 10-15 years ago and then started again within the past few years and have never seen it as crowded as it was today. A Sunday. They did have some pretty big name (and overpriced) autograph guests. Previously, on Sundays, the dealers were packing up a couple of hours early and making deals on bulk purchases. Today, those breaks were a little tougher to come by.

The box above should get me through a week's worth of posts but there will be a lot that don't get shown here as they will be package fillers for me. Hopefully you'll see them elsewhere across the blogosphere over the next few weeks.


  1. Looks like some yummy cardboard, even from this angle. Looking forward to seeing the haul...

  2. Those 12/$1 boxes look awesome! Looking forward to seeing the haul.