Monday, April 28, 2014

2009 TriStar #29 Tony Campana

Despite getting into 29 games last season with the Arizona Diamondbacks and 20 already this season, the card companies just aren't paying attention to Tony Campana. I had to go back to 2009 to find a new Campana card to add to the collection. 

While I've known about the 2009 TriStar Projections card for several years now, they only show up every so often on eBay and I had never seen one in person. They were usually selling for a buck or two plus another two or three for shipping. I just never could find one from a seller where I could find enough stuff to make it worth the cost.

You probably don't hear "super collectors" talk like that about their favorite player, but this was just a base card. Had it been one of the numbered parallels, I probably would have jumped all over it.

Luckily, a few showed up in Burbank Sports Cards ebay store a little bit ago for just $1 and I put them on my watch list. While I was looking for a few other things to get combined shipping, they ran a sale for free shipping with the purchase of two items. So I picked up this card and another that will get its own post eventually for $2 shipped.

Anyway, this marks my 33rd different Tony Campana card.

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  1. I was glad to see Tony playing when the Cubs faced AZ. He's a guy you love to root for. He's fun to watch but he only hitting a buck ninety right now.