Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2010 Upper Deck Case Break

Even after that repack, I still haven't scratched my pack busting itch. I was looking at making a purchase from Dave and Adam’s Card World and came across a case of 2010 Upper Deck baseball for about $90. That’s about 85% off the MSRP so I’m not sure I can pass that up.

The case consists of 6 boxes of 36 packs. Each pack contains 18 cards, for a total of 648 cards per box and 3,888 in the case (minus a few in the case of a relic).

A complete base set is 600 cards, plus there are a variety of inserts. There are/have been a lot of team group breaks out there so I thought I'd offer something different. A complete set break!

A perfect collation of the case would yield up to six complete sets, but four or five is more likely. Personally, I have a Cubs team set already in my collection but wouldn't mind owning a compete set. I wasn't quite back in the hobby yet when this set was originally released and may eventually take a stab at completing the 21-year run of Upper Deck sets.

I'm confident enough that I’ll be able to pull at least four complete sets from the case so I’m going to open this break up to four other people. Each person involved will get a complete 2010 Upper Deck set. Every card, 1-600. I’ll do my best to piece together a fifth set for myself from the rest of the cards.

After that, the remaining 850 or so cards will be made up of inserts and extra base cards.

In addition to the set, I’ll also allow each person to pick a couple of teams to claim extra base cards from if they want. (As pretty much the only “big money” base card, any excess Buster Posey rookies outside of the 5 complete sets will count as an insert and not be part of the Giants team set.)

I am going to claim all Cubs inserts cards as the “host tax” but every other insert will be available to participants once this is ready to go. Since this isn't your normal team based group break, a randomized snake draft makes sense to me but we can discuss it.

Accounting for my cost, I’m going to set the buy-in at $20. That seems like a pretty good deal for a complete 600 card set (3 cents a card), the opportunity for some inserts and I’ll even throw in shipping. And if you've done a break with me before, you’ll know that I usually try to include a few extras, too.

I know the product is a few years old but thought it would be fun to open it up those non-team collectors who can’t usually participate in breaks. The price point on the case is low enough for me to risk not filling the break so this is a go even if nobody else wants in.

I’d be looking to do this around the end of the month/beginning of May. Hopefully, that’s enough time for those interested to scrape up an Andrew Jackson. Just let me know with a comment below. Thanks!


  1. I think I'd be in for that, drop me a line when you're ready to go.

  2. Looks like I'm too late. But I'll be an alternate if anybody drops out.

  3. Awesome guys, thanks! I'll contact everybody later today with payment info.

    To anybody that didn't get in and wanted to, keep replying. I'll get a second case if there's enough interest.