Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Card Show Part 3: Contemporary Dime Box Pickups

Twenty five years sounds like a long time ago, right? I might lose my card blogger's license for suggesting this, but for the purposes of the next two posts, I'm going to consider contemporary cards as those from 1990 and newer. Yes, that means tomorrow's "vintage" post will include cards from the 1980's. Sorry in advance, blog police.

Cropping took a while so here are the contemporary dime box pickups with minimal comments. And again, these are all Cubs, other teams will hopefully show up on other blogs soon.

A pair of pitchers at the plate

These Felix Pie rookies came from a box that was full of rookies and semi-stars that made the show, but never quite made all-star levels. The 2007 Topps is a red back parallel.

Speaking of red back, here's a Mike Fontenot/Khalil Greene Classic Combo red back that didn't show up in my regular team set when I picked it up on eBay a while back so I didn't even know it existed. This set came out during my collecting hiatus.

I don't officially have a Mark Grace collection as they just go into my Cubs collection, but he was one of my favorites, so it's always nice to add some new ones. The D-Fense card is kind of a 3D-die cut thing.

Ryne Sandberg was my original PC guy but once they started going crazy with parallels and autographs and relics and ridiculously low numbered stuff, I kind of backed off. That's ok thought because I'm still finding stuff from the 1990's that slipped through the cracks.

The same goes for Kerry Wood. As a fan favorite, some of his more limited stuff is too rich for my blood. But he has so many inserts, I'm always finding new stuff. And I still probably have less than half of P-Town Tom's collection!

I can't believe I allowed a Cardinals card into my collection but I do kind of like this Trading Places set.

More fan favorites in the form of Starquest inserts.

The next Cubs Hall of Famers! I can't believe I'm still finding new Brooks Kieschnick cards.

I've never really been a Chrome fan so I knew I didn't have any of these. 

And we'll wrap this up with a trio of horizontal inserts from the mid 2000's. This time frame is a big hole in my collection so I'm constantly finding new stuff.

Tomorrow I'll have the vintage dime box stuff. That'll include cards from the 70's and early 80's. Anything from the mid to late 80s will be oddball kind of stuff. I don't think I picked up any base junk wax.


  1. Good stuff! I think I'm one of the few Cubs fans left who still owns a Mike Fontenot jersey.

    1. You mean a Mark Grace jersey that somebody put the wrong nameplate on? :)

      I have nothing against Fontenot, but I usually associate him with Ryan Theriot who is my least favorite post-Sandberg second baseman.

  2. Oooh Hee-Seop Choi. Another early 2000s favorite of mine.