Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Repack Part 2

Yesterday, I showed off the four unopened packs from my most recent repack box. While there wasn't anything earth shattering, I did add a couple of upgrades to my Cubs collection and a few horizontal cards to that niche collection.

Today, I have the best of the rest, the miscellaneous 100. Have you ever had an idea for a post but then when you sit down to write it, you're just not feeling it? I've probably done at least a dozen of these repack posts and for some reason, after I scanned and cropped all of these cards, I just lost interest in writing about them. Some weren't as funny as I thought originally, others not as interesting. Now that I've skewed your opinion, I'm just going to show the cards with minimal comments.

Let's start with the oldest card in the box.

Nice! A perfectly mint 1954 Topps card of Jim Lemon! Oh...never mind. It's a reprint. How about the real oldest card?

This super blurry Larry Parrish card from 1981 Donruss. I'm not as good as Paul from Wrigley Wax at knowing the stadiums in these older cards, but I'd guess this is Wrigley Field. Too bad there's no ivy or I'd add it my mini collection!

How about this John Smiley card from Bowman? Is that ivy from Wrigley in the background? Nope. I should probably know where this is, but I have no idea. Spring Training? I just know that's not Wrigley. These two were as close as I got to adding to that niche because I actually got shut out of ivy cards in this repack.

Let's see if we can't find something a little more exciting for these White Sox players than playing for the White Sox. Don't they look thrilled?

Sorry Clemente, but anybody would crack a smile at this card. 

I thought Prince Fielder had the most awkward power swing in the game. Thanks repack, for reminding me of Mo Vaughn's equally off-balance follow through. Twice.

A trend not likely to come back? Wearing hats under the batting helmet. As a smaller kid playing with older, bigger teammates, I had to do this often. I hadn't thought about that in years so I was pleasantly surprised to see three cards like that. And speaking of Lloyd Moseby...

Classic Schmoseby
...UT fan or are there two outs?

The most common theme though by far was eye black. And yes, for once, its not the scanner, the Will Clark actually came out of the package that dirty.

Can any of the numerous Dodgers bloggers out there tell me why Rafael Furcal is wearing a red hat? Holiday game? The rest of the uniform looks pretty standard.

But wait, there's more. These three players not only sported it on the front, but their photos on the back included it too!

I swear somebody collected these eye black cards but I can't for the life of me remember who. 

How about a random red back from 2007 Topps?

What about Mariano Ducan and the Three Turtlenecks?

Is it just me or does it look like the guy in the background of this Dave Stieb card is intentionally trying to photobomb? Just the way he's leaning in from behind the border I guess even though he's probably a couple hundred feet away from Stieb.

And before we get to cards with Cubs ties, there were a slew of horizontal cards for me to add to my collection.

I think this is Pete Incaviglia holding court for the Rangers, with bobby Valentine on the left and future Cub Steve Buechele on the right.

I don't know whether to classify this as horizontal since Upper Deck didn't change the border template. What the heck. I can always use more Leon Sandcastle in the collection.

It could just be me, but that doesn't really look like a home run caliber swing. I probably would have tried to find a different photo for this award winner card.

Hey Don!
Made you look! *Click*

Did he or didn't he? Hmmm tough call.

I'm going to say Willie did.

This is the second James Shields into the horizontal collection after the Chrome from my last repack.

Probably my least favorite of the new additions is this Francisco Rodriguez. This must have been before Topps decided to super zoom in on everything.

It would cool if there were more cards like this these days without photoshopping the players together.

Is this the last Mantle before Topps retired #7?

Ok, let's finish off this post with the Cubs of past and future.

And of the present.

Hopefully that wasn't as difficult to scroll through as I thought it was going to be. Some of the better cards weren't shown as they'll be on their way to other bloggers. Maybe next time I'll go for quality over quantity. Although with repacks, that could be even tougher. Every card above is available except for the horizontals. And even those could be.


  1. Classic Schmoseby and Leon Sandcastle... Made me laugh out loud... twice!

    1. I thought Dimebox Nick would appreciate that HIMYM reference but he may have missed this post. At least somebody did!