Thursday, April 10, 2014

Card Show Part 4: Vintage* Dime Box

This will be the last of the card show pickups from me. Finally today, I have Vintage* Dime Box. The asterisk is there because yesterday for the purposes of splitting these last two posts fairly equally among the scans, I qualified vintage as pre-1990. I almost went 1984 (30 years) but had a few stragglers in that five year span that I decided to include in this post.

The following were all dime box pickups, mostly from the same table. Here they are, presented with minimal comments as again, lots of cropping left me short on time.

I didn't know anything about this Ronaldo Rolando Roomes card other than I didn't have it.

I couldn't pass up these Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins cards, especially the oversized, 5x7 Donruss Champion card.

Speaking of Hall of Famers, here are a couple of new-to-me oddball Andre Dawson.

A pair of base Lee Smith cards and a pair of Fleer oddballs.

 A couple Red Barons.

I never noticed the funny looking bat on the Rafael Palmeiro Rated Rookie and it was a definite upgrade to the one I had. I thought I had the 1989 Fleer card with Will Clark but it wasn't with my team set. Glad I picked it up because it didn't look recenty familiar from adding my collection to Zistle.

This is another card I had never seen before and know nothing about, but it never hurts to add a new Mr. Cub to the collection, especially for a dime!

An octet of 1984 Donruss, all seemingly pack fresh. Half were new to me, the other half definite upgrades.

The worst condition card I picked u was this 1975 Bill Madlock with the All-Star Rookie cup. I'm pretty condition sensitive but I couldn't pass it up for a dime.

A bunch of Cubs from 1974. Sorry, but that Glenn Beckert counts as a Cub for me!

My son really enjoys Carlos Villanueva's Rollie Finger's styled mustache so we picked out a few Rollies from the dime boxes too.

And last but certainly not least, the oldest card I picked up all weekend, and still just a dime:

1967 Topps Curt Simmons
This card is darn near perfect condition.

Thanks for following along this week and letting me show off my card show pickups. Hopefully you enjoyed seeing the cards even if they were mostly Cubs. I hsould have the rest of the packages out today or tomorrow so look for similar cards but from other teams around the blogosphere soon!