Monday, April 7, 2014

Card Show Part 1: Supplies and Niches

I have good news and some less than ok news. The good news us that I got all of my scans done from the card show. Yay! The less than ok news is that I still have some cropping and file naming to do before I can show too much off. Boo! I'm going to break the show up into four posts to give me a little time to catch up on that.

As you can see in the title, today is dedicated to supplies and niches. Tomorrow will be my non-dime box pickups. And the last two posts will be split between the vintage dime boxes and the contemporary dime boxes but I haven't decided the order yet.

Supplies were at the top of my list this time around as its tough to get decent prices on that stuff online because of shipping. I had an Andrew Jackson specifically designated for that. Yesterday I showed this picture:

The box itself was my first pickup of the day for $2. The contents look a little haphazard, but I set them like that on purpose for the photo. The different stacks represent the different tables I visited as I originally planned to do a post on each one. Until I decided it would flow better with the groups I mentioned above. In the top row on the left are five packages of team bags (100 count each). I've got some packages that need to go out and these will definitely help with that. I'm thinking about trying to sell some lots on eBay too but we'll see how that goes. 

Dividing the different cards/tables in the box are twenty packages of penny sleeves for my Cubs collection. Speaking of which, when all was said and done, I added about 125 new Cubs cards, with about as many "other"cards to go out in trade packages. Not a bad haul and I can't wait to show off individual stuff.

For now though, I'll leave you with a four cards I picked up for my niches, even though I said I wouldn't be adding to them through purchases. I'm sure I passed a bunch of cards that had ivy in the background but this trio caught my eye as I was thumbing through rows and rows of cards.

Spoiler alert, there will be quite a bit of 1984 Donruss showing up in a later post. I couldn't resist the new Hall of Famer in Glavine. And why not get a North Side-South Side rivalry card into the collection? Thirty years between that 1984 Lea and the 2014 Dunn. Man, am I getting old.

I'm not a big vintage guy so there are a ton of non-Cubs cards I've never seen before and this is one of them. Gary Matthews was one of first favorite Cubs in the mid 80s. Probably because my first name is his last name (without the "s") and my last name (Major) is a rank like his nickname (Sarge). The things we latch onto as a kid, right?

So when I came across this in the vintage dimebox, I snagged it without a second thought. It really contrasts with the zoomed in, super close cards of today's Topps. Third base coach McNamara seems to be throwing his hands up in exasperation, wondering why Matthews is sliding and not rounding the base as there doesn't appear to be a play at the bag. And this card is in great shape. Not for a 40 year old card, but for a card in general. That helped make it a no-doubter for the Horizontal collection.

OK, back to cropping so I can show off more cards!


  1. Nice haul. I'm looking forward to the other parts of the goodies from this show. Its been ages since I've been to a card show about 22 years.

  2. awesome, would love to go to one of these some day, one they they might have one in Europe :-)