Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cubs Lot #2, Part 2: The Autographs

Last week's first Cubs lot was a pretty manageable 217 cards. So much so, I was able to fit the scans and breakdown into one post. My second lot was nearly six times that size at about 1300 cards. But don't worry I'm only going to split it into four posts. Relics. Autographs. Serial Numbered. Everything else and the breakdown.

Yesterday’s post on Cubs Lot #2 covered the two relics that were included. Next up are the autographs, coming in at a whopping 8 count. Some of these would have counted for the next part of the lot breakdown as they are serial numbered as well.

Like the Hee-Seop Choi relics, I doubt any of these would have been picked up individually unless they were relegated to a dollar bin. But none of them existed in my collection until now. That means I’m 10 for 10 with new additions to the collection in these first two posts!

Here they are alphabetically, without really a star in the bunch, with minimal comment.

Bobby 'Breu's Baby Brother, Denny Abreu played in the Cubs minor league system from 1996 until 2002 and topped out at Triple A Iowa in four games in 2001. This cards marks his introduction to my collection even though I'm pretty sure he has a regular base card from this set too.

Arguably the biggest name in the bunch is Sam Fuld, although he's had more success outside of Chicago. He made two postseason appearances in three seasons in Tampa Bay and currently is tied for the American League lead with two triples with the A's this season. In case you missed it, this card is numbered out of 400.

Nic Jackson is a guy I was rooting for since I first saw his cards in the early 2000's. He's a Virginia guy and even though I don't have any particular ties to the commonwealth as a military brat, its where I call home now. He was still playing independent ball as recently as last year and I'm sure once that season gets started, he'll find a place. Like Abreu, he topped out at Triple A with the Cubs.

Scott Moore is a former first round pick (8th overall) in 2002. He made a few appearances at first and third for the 2006-2007 Cubs but was mostly used in a pinch hitter role. What I remember most about him though was that he was sent to Baltimore in a trade that brought Steve Trachsel back to the Cubs.

P-Town Tom might be one of the few Cubs fan to to know of Mark Pawelek as he never made it past Single A Peoria. If I hadn't heard of him (only because I have a Bowman card of him, too) I would have thought this was a Mets card with all that orange and blue. This one is slightly scarcer than the Fuld with only 399 issued.

Felix Pie will give Fuld a run for his money for biggest name of this group. He's definitely the most represented in my collection. Not only do I have about 20 Pie cards, but this isn't even my first Pie hit. I also have another autograph card and a jersey card.

Maybe a Marlins fan knows of Renyel Pinto but I've barely heard of him. He never got passed Iowa but played in parts of five seasons for the Marlins after the Cubs traded him and two others for Juan Pierre.

Carlos Vazquez spent four seasons in the Cubs minor league system and got as high as Double A, although he did make Triple A appearances while with the White Sox and Marlins affiliates later in his career. This card is numbered to 675 copies.

While there weren't any steals here in the autograph department, I'm almost happier to get these obscure guys that I wouldn't normally have picked up if not for the lot. I don't know if I'll get to the serial numbered cards tomorrow but they will be the next part of this lot breakdown. I may need a filler post while I continue to scan and crop.


  1. Yep, I thought Pawelek was going to be the goods. Again, boy was I wrong.

    I love that Pie card. It scanned very psychedelic-like!