Sunday, May 4, 2014

2011 Topps Lineage Autograph Reprint Roy Smalley Jr.

Whoops, I got carried away with my 2010 Upper Deck break this weekend that I forgot to publish on Friday and Saturday. Sorry!

I keep putting off picking up any actual vintage so I do kind of appreciate some of the reprint stuff. I didn't buy any Topps Lineage in 2011 but have been slowly adding things over the years as I see them at reasonable prices. I'm done with the base set but still working on the Diamond Anniversary sparkly stuff. And I recently picked up this autograph insert.

Roy Smalley Jr played for the Cubs from 1948-1953. I didn't realize he was a Cub until I started making ATCRCS cards a few years ago, but by that time he had just passed away. When I was growing up, the extent of my knowledge of him was his Father-Son combo card with Roy Smalley III in 1985 Topps. But that card showed him a member of the Milwaukee Braves, which was confusing in itself as at that point, I only knew of the Atlanta Braves. I was six when that set came out, what do you want from me!? 

According to my rough estimate, I now have almost 250 different Cubs autographs and this one has me closing in on 100 different certified Cubs autographs. Once I'm done going through my lots, I'll come up with an official count.

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  1. That's sweet! I'm not sure there's a better retro design than '52 Topps for on-card autos. Beautiful.