Saturday, November 17, 2012

Some Off Topic Customs...

I had some pretty nice reviews/reactions on my latest custom design so I've decided to adapt them for some other teams. Here are a few I've put together, mostly on a whim.

Chicago Bears
Mike Ditka, Dan Hampton
Ditka was the first Bears card I made. While deciding on the background color, I thought the Bears blue did not go very well with Ditka's sweater. And the orange was waaayyy too orange. So I decided to do a gradient of the two team colors.

Washington Nationals
Tyler Clippard, Gio Gonzalez, Drew Storen

I don't know what to think of these Nats cards. I had the same problem with the red as I did with the Bears orange. Blue is the Nats 3rd or 4th color but it didn't quite look right by inself. I'm not sure I'm sold on this gradient either as it gives it a purplish/pink hue. 

  Los Angeles Dodgers
Andre Ethier, Dee Gordon, Matt Kemp

Colorado Rockies
Troy Tulowitzki
This Tulo came about as I wanted to see if the background worked in different colors. Not too shabby.

Chicago Cubs
(to keep this post semi-relevant)
Carlos Marmol, Tyler Colvin

Here we have a former Cub and one whose Cubs future is in question. I like how this card design looks with a celebratory pose and since I had these photos saved on my computer, I figured why not. Same goes for Gronk below

New England Patriots
Rob Gronkowski


  1. Great job. They'd be great for on card autographs. I sure hope the Bears can muster some of the 1985 magic tomorrow night. They're gonna need it.

    1. Thanks! I do hope to get them autographed on the grey area over the logo.

      Super Bowl XX was the first I remember so it would be nice to get a few of those to sign these. Hence the Ditka and Hampton.

  2. I would love to make some customs like those. How did you do it?