Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dwight Smith & Les Lancaster 1991 Topps Desert Shield

I've been slooowwwwly adding to this team set over the past few months. There seem to be a bunch on ebay at any given time for a few bucks or less with free shipping. There are even a few lots available. I'm sure I said it before but this is one set that I am trying to be a little anal about regarding condition and centering without resorting to buying graded cards so while the lots are a better value, the centering on early 90's topps cards leave a lot to be desired.

I expect this team set to run me upwards of around $100 when all is said and done when I throw in the Andre Dawson, Greg Maddux and 3 Ryne Sandbergs that all go for double digits in price. And maybe even the Mark Grace.  I about 95% sure I have at least one of the Sandbergs, maybe two, in my player collection but have been too lazy to double check. 

Dwight Smith 1991 Topps Desert Shield
Dwight Smith was the runner-up NL Rookie of the Year candidate to teammate Jerome Walton in 1989. Smith had more home runs, more RBIs and a batting average that was 30 points higher than Walton's. But Walton batted lead off and accumulated more runs and hits. And of course, a 30 game hitting streak as a rookie doesn't hurt your chances either. Still, I think the voting should have been closer than it was. Coincidentally, both players went on to play for both Atlanta and Baltimore after leaving the Cubs, but not at the same time.

Les Lancaster 1991 Topps Desert Shield
Les Lancaster was a starter turned middle reliever turned starter. He spent 5 seasons with the Cubs and had a winning record in 4 of them. Without doing any research, that sounds pretty good for a Cubs middle reliever! He also had a pretty respectable 3.82 ERA while with the Cubs.

These came from separate sellers on ebay, both for the above mentioned couple bucks and free shipping.  The centering on both these cards is fantastic and the corners and edges are sharp. Two more down, 25ish to go!

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  1. You probably know this, but on Ebay you can create and save a search in which it will e-mail you if something new is posted which fits he description of your search.

    It's helped me find a couple of cards that I might have missed otherwise.

    Good luck!