Friday, December 7, 2012

Chris Rusin & Brett Jackson

Way back in September, I had the opportunity to go to a Cubs game when they came to play the Washington Nationals. My 2012 custom team set was still fairly new and I had a great time getting some signed. One that didn't come out that great was from rookie pitcher Chris Rusin. Not his fault, the Sharpie dried out while waiting.

The Original

I mentioned yesterday that I had a little help at the Mounted Memories Sun Times show and Rusin was one of the VIP guests. The price was right so I printed out another copy and sent it off. I also included my newest design. Amazing what a good pen will do for an autograph!

New & Improved!

Brett Jackson was also a guest at the show. His 2012 team set card came out great from September and he was a little pricier than Rusin so I just sent in one of my newer design. Its worth noting that Jackson has a pretty nice signature for a player in this day and age. 

These are the first two from this design that I've gotten signed and I must say I'm very pleased with how they came out. This design was also printed out on photo paper rather than the glossy cardstock I've previously used. I don't think this will be a finite set but rather an ongoing one and make whoever I think I can get one signed from. I bet they'll look good in a binder.


  1. Those are some good looking cards. Love the running shot of Rusin! Nice work!

    1. Thanks! The Rusin photo is from his first MLB hit which happened to be a triple. Probably a smaller class than players with a home run for their first hit!