Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oscar Gamble

I added another ATCRCS card to the collection with a little help from Macey225 over on and the Mounted Memories Sun Times Show out in Chicago. He also got a few other things for me but this was the only ATCRCS card so I'm saving the others for another post.

Most of you probably think of one of these photos when you think of Oscar Gamble:

But after a little bit of searching, I found a photo of Gamble from his rookie campaign as part of the 1969 Cubs. When someone only played in 24 games 40+ years ago, finding a usable photo is not always an easy task. The white spot on his forehead and white line that runs across his face are flaws in my scanner not, the card.

And for good measure, here is the back that I made up for the card:

Gamble was traded to the Phillies following the 1969 season. I imagine the first photo was pretty early on and by the second one, you can see he was already sporting the legendary 'fro.

As far as I know, Gamble doesn't have any mainstream cards showing him with the Cubs although Wrigley Wax did showcase a card produced for and issued at the 1998 Cubs Convention a few weeks back that Gamble shares with Larry Bowa.


  1. I have this image in my head of a young Gamble getting to the locker room, removing his Cubs hat, and having an explosion of hair.