Saturday, December 8, 2012

Name that Set Contest

I've been referring to my newest custom card design as, well, my newest design. The problem with that is I'm always tinkering around in photoshop so there will inevitably be a "newest design" hanging around.

Since I started my blog, I've debuted several sets. First we have the ATCRCS (All-Time Cubs Roster Custom Set). I pronounce it "atcrocs" for those wondering. This is my baby and will probably be my biggest set. Hundreds, if not thousands, of different cards will be made.

As seen in the header, I have three other designs that I frequently use as well. This one I've dubbed the 2012 Team Set since naturally, I used it to make a card for every player and coach in a Cubs uniform from 2012. I will probably use the design again in the future for something else but that's the name I'm going with.

The newspapery one is titled "This Day in Cubs History" so that's the long name. I label the files on my computer "tdich" and whatever the players name is so I lovingly refer to this set as T-Dish. That's its hip hop name. This is the smallest set so far because, well, because they're the Cubs. Here's to next year!


But this "newest design" stumps me for a name. I'm going to tweak the Define the Design theme Night Owl has used and run a little contest with it. I'm asking you to help name this latest set for me. Leave a comment with a name suggestion. I'll let the comments accumulate (Hopefully! Don't be shy! Enter more than once!) for a few days and then run a poll for everyone to vote on. I'll put together a package for the winner that will include a few customs cards of their favorite players/team as well as some licensed cards.

Here's a recap of a few I've done already that might inspire you. Keep in mind it doesn't have to be Cubs related since I'll be using this set for other teams/sports.

So help me out! Please and thank you!


  1. Looks vaguely like a sunset in the background.

    The Sunset set

  2. The autograph area looks like a sweet spot, so I'll submit Please Autograph Sweet Spot (PASS) or Autograph In My Large Empty Sweet Spot (AIMLESS) to stick with your acronym theme.

  3. Dude, If you keep featuring athletes doing fist pumps, it's easily the FIst Pump Set (FIPS for short).

  4. I like the use of color in these cards, it makes them look more full, like there isn't a lot of empty space in them. I like the idea of a set name that wouldn't have to be acronized (my computer is saying that isn't a word, but I'm pretty sure that it's when you attach an acronym to something - BTW, I'm glad to know how you've pronounced "ATCRCS", since that seems like a long acronym to say letter by letter).

    I'd go with something like "Bold" or "Club Bold" or "Team Bold". Then, when you want to go the route of all other companies, you can expand on the name, and go to "Bold Choice", "Bold Stadium Club", "Bold Ultra", "Bold Finest", "Bold Archives", "Bold Heritage", "Bold Chrome", "Bold Platinum", "Bold Select", and "Bold Documentary", etc.

    Great designing, as always.

  5. The Spotlight Set sounds pretty good because they look like they have spotlights on them.

  6. Bear with me here. It looks like the team logo is printed on a stretchy grey material, that is then pulled evenly from both sides. So I'll go with "Stretch"

  7. I noticed the fist pump (flexing the muscle) idea as well, and am also a fan of the sunset idea so in a combination of prior ideas I give you, the Sun's Out, Guns Out (SOGO) set

  8. @Jeff, that should probably be the Sun Set...
    I'd go with Once a Cub, Always a Custom...

  9. Stars and Bars.

    (star player and the thing with the logo in it is a kind of bar)