Saturday, December 22, 2012

And the winner is...

In what turned out to be a pretty tight race, my new set will be called Please Autograph Sweet Spot  or "PASS" for short. This title was suggested by Macey225 so send me your want list, Donnie!

I have really enjoyed making this set and love the flexibility it gives me with other teams and sports. The name suggestions were all pretty good and gave me some ideas for other designs to tinker around with so thanks to all for participating!

Here are a few more I threw together just for fun.

Kirk Cousins is decent TTM according to so I might try to send these out before the end of the season. I'm not a Redskins fan persay but I live outside of DC in Virginia so work is always a bit easier on Mondays when the Redskins win. It was funny to listen to the outrage when Cousins was drafted so quickly after RGIII and now the about face once he stepped in with a big win last weekend in RGIII's absence.

As a Patriots fan this guy kills me. But also as a younger brother with a big shot older brother that casts a long shadow, he gets my respect. I also had made a Peyton but for some reason I can't find the file to post. Oh well.

Last but not least (and to keep this blog on target), a Cubs legend. Although, when he gets the call to Cooperstown next year, he'll probably go in as a Brave. Booooo! Haha.

I have also added a new tab at the top that showcases all the cards together that I have posted here so far. So check it out in case you missed any along the line.


  1. Good luck with the Manning. I'm betting it gets intercepted when he sends it back.

  2. If you'd like to send an extra copy of one of the Cousins customs to get signed, I'd be glad to trade a Cubs autograph for it.