Sunday, December 30, 2012

Steve Ontiveros

These Steve Ontiveros cards have been out to a private signing since about mid-summer. Things happen but the good news is it all worked out in the end. Much like the Brian McRae deal I took advantage of, there was a special on cards and a better deal on a "bulk" order.

Ontiveros played for the Cubs prior to Donruss and Fleer so aside from an oddball Kelloggs and SSPC, he only has 3 Topps cards as a Cub. 

1978 Topps, 1979 Topps, 1980 Topps

Some of you may remember a card show I went to over the summer where I picked up a set of 1990 Senior League cards for $2.00. It was shortly after this that I sent in for this signing so I had the Ontiveros card handy and it brought me up to 5 cards to qualify for the further discount. I won't be trying to complete this set but I may try for some of the former Cubbies.

Steve Ontiveros Senior League
And of course, my ATCRCS card. I can tell this is one of my earlier cards because the player photo doesn't take up enough room on the card. If I was making it now, I would have made Ontiveros larger and probably had him cropped at the waist rather than the knees. Still a nice addition to the collection!

Tomorrow's year ending post features another Hall of Famer on an ATCRCS (first being Fergie Jenkins). 

Any guesses?

Hint: Not in the HOF as a Cub.

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