Friday, December 21, 2012

Two Birds with One Stone?

Well, one Byrd and one Peacock anyway. And one stone is more like 5 songs. Semantics, I tell you.

I tend not to enter a lot of the contests around the blogosphere. While "random drawing" is probably the fairest way to distribute prizes, there's something to be said for trivia contests, where first one with the right answer gets the prize. And not just silly trivia where a google search provides the right answer within seconds.

Jeff from over at 2x3 Heroes was doing just that last week with a couple of giveaways. Some lucky winners guessed the closest serial number to win some boxes of cards. I, however, put my random musical knowledge to use deciphering the 5 songs in a 45-second mashup clip. I saw the original post while I was at work (where I couldn't listen to the audio clip) and forgot about it until he posted some hints the next day.

After I gave it a listen, I knew 3 of the 5 immediately. I knew the artist of another one but had to bust out my own ipod to pin down the song title. I must have played through one of the songs 10 times before my wife comes in and says, "Are you trying to make the Ramones your ringtone or something? Why do you keep playing KKK Took My Baby Away?"


I mistyped 'Baby' with 'Body' in my answer but Jeff was nice enough to give me credit anyway. Good thing he's not Alex Trebek. I would have gotten the condescending head shake/grimace.

Anyway, the prizes came yesterday. A card I couldn't bring myself to actually purchase after being traded away last season was this Marlon Byrd Golden Moments Autograph card. Now that it is here though, I'm very happy to have it as part of my collection! Thanks Jeff!

Byrd's "Golden Moment" was throwing out Big Papi at second base in the 2010 All-Star game. He also scored from 1st on a bases loaded double by Brian McCann but since he was neither the tying or winning run, that doesn't qualify as "Golden" enough. I guess the headline that reads "Byrd Wings It" counts as punny word play.

The Brad Peacock card will have to wait another day but I was very interested in acquiring that one too. Now there's something to ponder. Why would a Cubs fan be interested in acquiring an autographed card by someone who hasn't played for them or one of their minor league affiliates??? Hmmm....

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