Monday, February 12, 2018

IVY: 1990 Score 100 Superstars #6 Ozzie Smith

I have almost 500 cards in the Ivy collection and need to whittle down some of the numbers where I have duplicates for the Frankenset. I want to make sure each card gets its due so I've decided that over the course of a month or so, I will sprinkle in individual posts. When I have exhausted what I have for each binder page, I'll post which ones made the cut. Once I have a full page, I'll add a tab up top where you can view each page. I have multiple representatives for many of the first 99 numbers (11 full pages) which should get me through all of 2017.

Today will just be a quick post for card #6 since he is a familiar face to the collection. I just did a post a couple of weeks back for Ozzie Smith with a card in the #5 slot. Nothing has changed in his Wrigley career in the meantime.

In fact, not only did we just see Ozzie, this is a very similar photo to the other card, ranging to his right to field a ground ball. While the other card is "fancier" with its full-bleed photo and foil name plate, this card scans readably and has the Wizard popping out of the top and bottom border. We see a nice umpire cameo, and if I had any idea who it was, I could probably game-date the card since the umpires usually rotated throughout a series.

This set, 1990 Score 100 Superstars, is probably seen as boring by today's standards but I like that it has all the pertinent information on the front. Name, team, position and jersey number. And as I mentioned, a readable scan.

This is a special set, not a base card, so we get a blurb on the back instead of stats, which is fine by me.

Along with #5, Ozzie has an opportunity to show up another dozen times or so! The previous #6 from my original Page 1 was a non-Cub also so will have some competition here.

You can read about the Hanley Ramirez card in my original Page 1 post.

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