Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My First Twitter Trade (featuring Zippy Zappy)

Technically, I've been on Twitter for over five years. But truthfully, I'm pretty sure I've never even typed the website into the address bar. I would only really go there if I followed a link from an article, look around and then not return until another article lured me in.

When the offseason began, I found myself over there more and more trying to figure out what was going on in the very slow free agent market. I started interacting, rather than just lurking, although admittedly that's a hard habit to break, even here on the blogs. I followed a few fellow bloggers and found that Twitter can be like the bonus extras on a DVD. You don't have to watch them to understand the movie, but sometimes a little behind the scenes can be fun. Maybe a little quip or hot take not worth a whole blog post can find an audience over there.

I've been following Zippy Zappy's blog Torren' Up Cards for a while, at least since he was Cervin' them up. Probably because I've been on hiatus more often than not the past couple of years but we haven't had the opportunity to strike up a deal until just recently...on Twitter.

On Topps release day, I stopped at Target and bought a hanger box on my way to work. During my lunch break, I snapped a few photos of what I pulled and offered up my non-Cubs. I don't have a lot of followers over there so I didn't expect much action.

Kenny (@disnalldat) offered to take some rookies off my hands and I was excited enough at the thought of a new trade partner, I accepted without even knowing what, if anything, I'd get in return.

I loved this base card when I first saw it and he sent two! This card was not included in the team set I picked up, so having one for my Cubs collection and one for my "I Was There!" is great! I'll do my I Was There post when the couple of parallels I've picked up come in.

Same for this one. It came with my team set, but can add this one to my "I Was There" binder.

And in what seems to be his trademark move, Kenny also added some Japanese cards!

Tsuyoshi Wada played for the Cubs from 2014-2015 before returning to the Softbank Hawks of the JPPL where he pitched from 2006-2011. This is my 4th Wada card. It goes with his 2015 Topps, 2015 Topps Team Set and 2015 Heritage.

Kenny also threw in these pretty cool Sega Card Gen Cubs. I've seen them around but had never added any to my collection.

He was even kind enough to send a translation for the back!

Thanks, Kenny! These were all great adds to the collection!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards. I'm happy I was able to help out with the Rizzarper card (sidenote, is that Topps' subtle way of predicting that Harper is going to be a Cub come 2019?).
    Twitter can be great for small things but it can get overwhelming at times so be cautious lol ;).

  2. SegaGen cards are the best! Glad you were finally able to swap with ZZ. He's one of my favorites to send cards to.