Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Forgotten Mini Collection

I've seen a few other bloggers use Zistle as a means to catalog their collections and advertise their "haves" lists and I really like that idea. With an unknown checklist for niche collection cards, posting "haves" instead of "wants" is pretty brilliant. But the idea of inputting thousands of Cubs cards after spending so much time with them already seemed daunting. I signed up last year but never added any cards. But after seeing it recently on one of Jeff's 2x3 Heroes posts, I checked it out again and am going to start small, with my "Horizontal" collection, see how it goes and take it from there.

And in my excitement over starting my new Horizontal card collection, I forgot that right after I started this blog nearly two years ago, I sort of, kind of started a different mini collection. I only "remembered" after clearing a binder in anticipation of needing one for Horizontal cards.

One lonely, single sided page in this now empty binder contained non-Cubs cards that showed Wrigley Field's ivy covered walls in the background.

When I was growing up, I thought it would be cool to get some kind of clipping from Wrigley that I could use to start my own authentic Wrigley ivy vine at my house. What can I say, the original Karate Kid movie made me think gardening/grooming bonsai trees would be cool. Why not do it with ivy?

Now, as an adult homeowner, I know how destructive the plant can actually be and will stick with the cardboard variety. While I won't announce this with as much fanfare as I did the Horizontal cards the other day, count me in for any cards showing ivy from Wrigley. While all of these guys are opponents, I suppose if I had duplicates of Cubs players, I'd add them, too.

Below are the other eight that made up that binder page. Now I just have to go figure out Zistle for these and maintain!

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  1. Wrigley has always made a great backdrop for card photos. As a Chicagoan I'm a little prejudiced though. Thought you'd appreciate this picture: