Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Starting from scratch...

In yesterday's post, I mentioned I was starting from scratch with my customs after losing all of my templates. While fiddling around trying to find something to inspire me for a 2014 Cubs team set, I remembered one of my first attempts.

I kind of laughed when I saw some of my first attempts using this design and and it showed me how far I've come just from tinkering around in Photoshop and watching tutorials. I had one of my old cards to base it off but I started it from scratch tweaked it a little to come up with this:

I wanted to do something with the new Wrigley Field centennial logo and this vintage-esque design is a good pairing. I don't know that it'll be a the final team set template but with the season right around the corner, it's probably a good idea to get the creative juices flowing again.

I usually look for good action photos to use but I think this one looks good with an almost posed shot. More like Heritage. Let me know what you think!


  1. I'm not a Cubs fan, but I think that looks fantastic!

  2. I agree with the loosely-based on Heritage look, while some of the other sets you've done seem a little more Ginter inspired. Looks great, the Cubs have a good color scheme to work with, which is more than can be said for my Padres.

    1. I'll let you know when you come up with a dud of a design. It hasn't happened yet.

  3. The worse about this card, by far, is the fact Samardzija still hasn't got a hair cut. Give me 2 minutes and a pair of clippers and I'd be much happier.

    I like the lower case first name and the upper case last name. Sometimes it's the little things, you know?

  4. I know it's a personal aesthetic thing (and I'm nitpicking) but the only things I'd change would be capitalizing "Jeff" and making the "P" lower case.

  5. Thanks guys!

    "Finalizing" a design is always the toughest part of the process for me. Choosing the fonts/shapes/color schemes/layout give me a headache sometimes. I'd much rather get to the making the cards part than try to come come up with a new design.

  6. That looks great! I like everything about it. My only suggestion is to bring up the contrast on the Wrigley logo a bit.