Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fantasy Baseball League

Just a quick post today, but I wanted to remind everyone that while they're filling out their March Madness brackets, the baseball season is right around the corner (who knew?). Last year, I ran a pretty fun league through Yahoo with a bunch of guys that were mostly bloggers, with the prizes being various blasters.

After talking it over with some of the participants from last year who want to come back this year, it was agreed that we liked having cards as a prize and it differentiated it from other leagues. However, last year's prize pool was made up of blasters that had kind of lost its luster by the time payouts arrived in October.

So we decided to let the winner choose their own cards with a $100 gift certificate to Dave and Adam's Card World. They ship for free on Thursdays with a $99 order so the winner can maximize their winnings without paying shipping. No sponsorship deal, although maybe I should send an email...

And we as a community get to benefit when they post about them. 

Consolation prizes are still up in the air as it will depend on whether this will be a 10 or twelve player league. We're about half way there, either way, so we're looking for a few more guys to fill in the league.

Buy-in is $15, due by the end of the month. Draft will be live, through Yahoo with a date and time to be decided soon.

Here's a link from a couple of weeks ago where I brought the idea up and in this post, there are a couple of more links posts about last season's league.

I wouldn't call it super competitive, but there are lots of knowledgeable guys out there. If baseball card knowledge translates to on field performance...

Less than the price of a blaster!

I'll be setting up the league tonight and sending out invites to those already committed.

For the rest of you, just leave a comment letting me know you're in. C'mon, you know you want to...


  1. I need one guy for a free league made up of bloggers and former bloggers. We lost someone this year and I haven't found a replacement yet. Email me at ajpca07 at hotmail dot com if you are interested.