Thursday, March 13, 2014

Going a different way...

After messing around with this new-old template, I began thinking how this might make for a much bigger historically significant set. Like 100 Cubs from 100 Years at Wrigley. Or maybe an All-Time 40-Man Roster set. But in either set, there are a bunch of guys that I probably wouldn't be able to find good, usable, color photos of to be included. Guys like Gabby Hartnett, Cap Anson or Hack Wilson.

So I decided against an official set but here are a few cards I put together just for fun.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I grew up with the Boys of Zimmer so this is one of my all-time favorite cards I've made now.

I'm too young to have seen Ron Santo play, but he is definitely under represented in these recent Topps sets that include retired players.

One of the newest Hall of Famers, set to be enshrined in Cooperstown this summer is Greg Maddux. I love the look of thought from the "Professor" in this photo so even though he isn't in a home jersey for a Wrigley Field themed set, I used it anyway.

And finally, I can't go wrong with either of these two Hall of Famers. But before Wrigley Wax gets on my case about using these two overused photos, in my defense, there aren't too many good color photos of these guys!

Maybe I can do a 25-man roster of players from the "color photo" era. Or at the very least, a starting nine. I'll save that list for a future post.


  1. Very cool looking.
    I grew up with "the boys of Zimmer" as well, except "the boys" were Red Sox.

  2. Thanks for doing a Santo. I still haven't figured out why Topps hasn't been including him. I believethere's an insert in Heritage which I think would be his first appearance in years.

  3. Those are some pretty nice cards. I'm impressed.

  4. The Zimmer is my favorite. The Boys of '89 turned me into a Cub fan for life.

  5. Those are pretty sharp looking.