Friday, February 15, 2013

2012 Topps Tony Campana Gold

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This is a shameless effort to reverse last weekend's curse I seemingly put on both the sport of wrestling and Tony Campana. I picked up another Tony Campana parallel during my hiatus from the regular blogging in the fall and came across it in my "to be scanned" stack. 
2012 Topps Tony Campana Gold

This was released within the Updates series late last year and I picked it up from for just a little more than the minimum $0.18 plus shipping. Probably a little more than a buck total. Not too shabby because for some reason, a lot of these gold parallels were going for $1 or more before shipping on ebay.

Funny how perspective can change on numbered parallels. When there's "only" 2,012 of something in the world, that doesn't seem like very many. But with others now numbered to 99, 62, 50, 25 etc, the number of gold cards almost seems like overproduction!

With the exception of any 1/1's left, this completes my Campana Rainbow for 2012 and brings my total different variations of this card (including minis) to 14!

Hopefuly this curse reversal takes hold and Campana rejoins the team in 2013 in time to make Series 2!


  1. Just got traded to the D-Backs.

    1. I saw that. If he makes the team out of ST, you're going to enjoy watching him!

    2. I hope he does. Might beat out Pollock.