Friday, February 8, 2013

First Pitch Friday - Michael Jordan

I'll start off with a couple of updates here. First, the 2013 Blaster/Blog Fantasy Baseball League is live. Yahoo finally allowed me to sign up for the league so I set it up Thursday night and sent out email invites to those who have expressed interest so far. If you want to check it out, there's a tab at the top with details. Should be a lot of fun!

Second, thanks to everybody who responded to yesterday's post with offers of 2013 Topps help. It is much appreciated. I have made updates to items I am in the process of acquiring through purchase or trade by marking them bold. I have also added a tab at the top with the same information so that it is easier to find. Hopefully, we can work together to get that tab removed before Series 2 comes out in June!

On to the First Pitch Friday card. This is one I was pretty surprised to find in my search for photos of ceremonial first pitches at Wrigley Field. Mostly associated with the White Sox (in terms of baseball anyway), I didn't think Michael Jordan had done anything with the Cubs at all.

MJ's first pitch came before a one game playoff against the San Francisco Giants for the Wildcard spot. The Cubs would go on to win 5-3, only to be swept in three games against the Atlanta Braves in the League Division Series.

I was never a basketball fan, even during the 1990's when it was seemed to surpass baseball or even how popular football is now. I think I've mentioned this before, but growing up, I always wanted number 23 on the back of my jersey. But that was because Ryne Sandberg was the Hall of Fame #23 in Chicago before this joker showed up. And I use the term "joker" sarcastically because I understand he's the greatest to ever play his sport. Not that I have any hatred towards the White Sox, but this Cubs photo may have softened my stance on him a little. 

I don't really have any shot at getting this card signed at all because I certainly won't pay the exorbitant prices he commands for a signature. And if I did, I wouldn't waste it on a silly custom card that has absolutely no retail value for when my collection eventually gets passed to my kids. Maybe I'll have to hit up one of the golf tournaments we plays in but more than likely, I'd have to hit the lotto...

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