Saturday, February 2, 2013

Signature Saturday - Harry Caray

I grew up in the era of Harry Caray - Steve Stone broadcasting Cubs games on WGN and I loved every minute of it. Listening to Harry Caray was like watching a game with my grandpa, always trying to make it fun even if that particular game wasn't. Steve Stone was more of a realist when it came to the Cubs and could come off as a downer but I can't say anything that he said was necessarily wrong. Those are my interpretations based on childhood memories but if seen and heard through adult eyes and ears, my opinions might differ. I don't care though, good times! 

Harry Caray 3x5
Man, am I ticked that ebay doesn't let you use an asterix in their search engine anymore. I got a ton of good deals on mispelled Ryne Sandbergs (Snadberg, Sandburg, Sanberg etc, not to mention Ryan instead of Ryne). I also picked up this Harry Caray signed 3x5 index card on ebay several years back and got a pretty good deal on it because his name was spelled wrong in the listing title.  Probably Carry or Carey. I'm pretty sure I would also search "Holy Cow" and see what came up because he inscribed that a lot. And as it turns out, yes, the index card is yellow. Not just bad photography like I thought when I bought it. The signature is definitely more purple but I'm not sure if its blue ink that faded to purple or reacted to the yellow card. Still a nice looking signature and inscription.

Originally, I had planned to have it matted and framed with a photo of Caray doing his signature 7th inning stretch and maybe one of these memorial caricature patches:
The more I think about it, the more I want to upgrade to a white index card but they have gotten pricey since I picked this one up! So, honestly, I'll probably just sit on this one. I'm going to have to hit the lottery to do all the framing I want done. 

This check came in a trade fairly recently, within the last year or so. It was a pretty big trade on both sides and I am happy with this check. The only disappointing thing is that the numbers made up of little circles are actually holes. Probably from the way checks used to be processed. So there are a couple of holes through the "H" in his signature but overall, it is a nice piece.

Eventually, I'd like to frame this up too, maybe with a photo that was taken closer to time that the check was written. Unfortunately, that puts him working for the Cardinals. Not sure I could stomach that in the collection!

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  1. Harry and Steve were great together. A bit of an odd couple but both top notch in their own ways.