Monday, February 4, 2013

The Real Super Bowl MVP

I'm going to go off on a little Super Bowl tangent today but that's a good thing. Because that means Spring Training is right around the corner! I watched the game with impartiality (more like indifference). It was disappointing to start (the commericals weren't much better) but picked up some steam (even the commericials) to make it a fairly memorable game. And when you're team isn't in it, that's about all you can ask for.

My friends and family were having a little discussion over who would be the Super Bowl MVP during the game last night. Unfortunately, I lost. If it were up to me, when all was said and done, I would have chosen Wide Receiver/Kick & Punt Returner Jacoby Jones. Sure, Joe Flacco had a pretty good game with some good numbers. And Jacoby Jones was only involved in a couple of plays. But two of those plays were phenomenal!

The falling down catch? Where he gets back up and beats a couple of San Fran defenders into the endzone? Top play material on any given Sunday. Then he starts the second half with a record breaking tying kickoff return touchdown? Ridiculous. While the lights literally went out shortly after, they were figuratively out on the 49ers at that point. Two touchdowns in the championship game when you've only had one all season? We'll never know what would have happened on either of those drives but both scores turned out to be crucial. Seems like a pretty valuable performance to me.

PASS card of Jones' 108 yard touchdown
Here are a few photos/memes that popped up on Facebook and Twitter during and after the game last night that I found particularly funny:

Ah, brothers...

More brothers being brothers...
In reference to the commercial
Just funny...

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