Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First trade of 2013!

(*Editor’s note: Yesterday’s post with the crazy “shocked” .gif seemed to draw a lot of attention because my hit count was about double what it normally was. I can only guess it was the .gif because nobody mentioned it but I also know you’re probably really tired of me talking about Tony Campana!)
It's been a while since I have worked out a trade here on the blog. I'm in the midst of organizing my non-Cubs cards to make it easier to do my end of deals but its a long slow process. More trades was on my beginning of the year goals list so here we go!
A couple of weeks ago when I caved and picked up a box of 2013 Topps, broke it and posted the spoils, I got a couple of trade offers to help me finish my set and/or help with Cubs parallels and inserts. Within the next couple of days, my almost-5-year-old-laptop started going wonky, as far as internet connection goes. It’s tough to work out trades when your collection and your ability to communicate (via email) aren’t in the same place at the same time. So a couple of trades have stalled out but now that it’s fixed, I plan on going through my emails to catch back up. If you claimed something, or I claimed something of yours and don’t get an email from me by the Friday, please let me know!
One trade that didn’t die out was with Doug from over at Sportscards from the Dollar Store. His blog is new to me but by the timeline on his blog, he popped up on the blogosphere last summer, right around the time I went on a small hiatus. And who knows how long he was lurking before he started posting? Looks like he posts daily and sometimes multiple times as his post count is more than 30 each month he’s been around, so check him out! Now that I’m fully back online, I look forward to going back and reading previous posts.
Are all stereotypes bad? Because Doug is one friendly Canadian! His first contact with me was offering up these Cubs inserts. Sweet! 
(*Editor’s note part 2: I was going to post the Dude, Where’s My Car .gif where they are reading each other’s back tattoos and yelling DUDE! And SWEET! But then I realized they were both shirtless and didn’t want this post to get creepy. But the sentiment is still there, dude these are sweet!)
Also included were a nice even 10 base cards to get me closer to the complete set! Nice!
Not to be greedy but before finalizing the deal, I also checked out his blog and asked for the emerald parallel of Sean Burnett he pulled. Those who have followed me for a while know that I am slowly losing my older son to the hometown Washington Nationals. He stills likes the Cubs, but there’s a lot of bandwagon peer pressure around here. So this one goes into his collection. I probably won’t be adding parallels the likes of Harper or Strasburg but a few other guys won’t hurt.

And on top of all this goodness, Doug threw in a first day cover of Fergie Jenkins! I don’t know much about stamps or first day covers, but I do enjoy Cubs memorabilia of all kinds so adding this to the collection is a plus.
This would be a pretty awesome item to get autographed is there wasn’t already a facsimile signature on both sides. The back features a short biography in both English and French. Bonus points for 2 Cubs cards, a Cubs photo on each side and a Cubs uniform on the stamp!
Thanks for the trade Doug! By the time this posts/you read this, your end of the deal should be on its way! For the rest of you, check out Doug's blog if you don't already!

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  1. I'm glad you liked the goodies, especially the Jenkins FDC. It's an inexpensive purchase at the post office (they go for $1 over the face value on the stamp), and including them in packages bound for Cubs fans is always a pleasure to do.