Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I caved...2013 Topps Box Break Part 2

If you missed my earlier post about how I came into this box and a small feature on two of the non-Cubs base cards, check it out here.

Ok, on to the inserts. I did pretty well with the odds, getting everything I should have and even doing a little bit better on some. No relics or autographs though, because they are one in a bajillion packs. Everything below is available for trade except the one Cubs player, though some may already be earmarked for trades I'm working out. Feel free to claim anything, just in case.

Carlos Gonzalez

The Cut to the Chase Die Cuts were 1:14 packs. Should have got at least one and did.

Justin Verlander, Cal Ripken Jr, RA Dickey, Roberto Clemente, Dan Uggla, Willie Mays

The 1972 minis were 1:4. Should have gotten 6 and I did.

Avisail Garcia, Trevor Rosenthal, Andy Pettitte, LJ Hoes
Like most of the reviews on these so far, I'm really digging these Emerald parallels. They come 1:6 packs. Should have got 4 and I did.

Albert Pujols, Kevin Youkilis, Aroldis Chapman
Calling Cards were 1:8 packs and I got the 3 I was supposed to get.

Brett Lawrie, Bryan Shaw, Robert Andino, Alex Gordon, Rafael Furcal, AJ Burnett
I thought the blue Wal-Mart exclusive parallels were a little more plentiful in years past but maybe thats because the blasters had a pack or two of just those. These came 1:4 packs and I got 6.

I'm still not sure why some of the Chasing History cards are vertical and some are horizontal. These were 1:4 and I got 6. The Kerry Wood was the only Cubs insert I pulled. And the Don Mattingly is named weird. It says he is chasing Yankees Career Hits but the back of the cars talks about the Yankees all-time single season record, not career.

Mike Trout, Casey Kelly, Jarrod Parker, Will Middlebrooks
 The Chasing the Dream inserts feature some young studs. These were 1:6 and I got 4.

David Hernandez, Michael Young
On to the bonus pulls. These gold parallels are number out of 2013 and are 1:14 packs. I should have gotten at least 1, pretty close to 2 which is what I got. I like the Rangers throwback jersey.

Desmond Jennings Camo 26/99
I guess this was the big hit out of the box. These Desert Camo cards are pretty neat and the odds were 1:238 packs. That's only one of these for every 10 boxes likes this I find. I'm not partial to Jennings or the Rays so if I don't get any nibbles through here, I'll probably put it up on ebay over the weekend. I'm not sure if I've even come across any Ray blogs to trade with.

I pulled 4 of the 6 Cubs cards and the League Leader card with Alfonso Soriano on it. I didn't pull Darwin Barney or Anthony Rizzo. I have a Cubs team set on the way courtesy of ebay for my Cubs collection but I still need them for my Topps set. I'll put up the rest of the 80 cards I need by the weekend for those with extras and willing to help.


  1. I could use that blue Lawrie if you're willing to part. I have the Rizzo Chasing the Dream, a base Darwin Barney and a red Darwin Barney if you'd like to work out a trade.

  2. I would be interested in the Rosenthal and the Furcal. If you are willing to part with those I have some 2012 topps you need to help you get closer to completeing the set. Email me if you're interested.

  3. Extremely interested in the Jarrod Parker and well as the Aroldis Chapman, Avisail Garcia - and, maybe, Clemente.

    Please let me know and I will try to work out a favorable deal for sure.