Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When Will I Learn? (Allen & Ginter Blaster)

I stopped off at Target last night to pick up a package of binder sheets for the 2013 Topps set I'm working on. How frustrating is it that they sell 35 sheet packs that hold 315 cards when each series is 330 cards? Reminds me of this old clip:

But it's not that big of a deal because its not like I won't use them eventually. This particular Target has a pretty big card section but its a little out of the way so I don't go very often. I took a gander but it was mostly stuff I didn't need or want. I'm not going to buy blasters or packs of sets I have completed or am fairly near completion. Lots of leftover stuff from last year and mostly still full price. But then I saw this:

2012 A&G blaster
I've never been a huge Allen & Ginter fan. I think I've picked up one blaster before but mostly stuck to getting the Cubs and leaving the set alone. But for $11.99, I couldn't resist. Man, am I glad I didn't spend $20 on it. This box just reaffirmed that I'll just stick to the Cubs for 2013. I don't even know what's good in this set or what's an SP. What's the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don't know and I don't care! I know the minis have different backs and borders but that's about it. If you see something you like or want me to take a look at your base want list, let me know.

Some minis (look like standard backs to me) 
Two of these in the same blaster? Can't spot a difference on backs either...

Some other random stuff...
More minis, standard backs
Some kind of border variation

Another black(?) border.
Did get a bunch of Rookies. Are those still a thing? 
Nolan Ryan Sketches
What's in a Name?

I guess this is the highlight of the box. A mini red back Alex Rios hand numbered 9/25. This one is already on its way to JediJeff. Everything else is available.

Not a single Cubs card, even among the base. Oh wait, do these count? Blerg.

Next time I see A&G, it'll get this reaction from me, discounted or not!


  1. That's not a bad blaster, some of those bazooka backs bring in $10-15 each...

    1. Here's my ignorance to this set showing, but which ones are the Bazooka Backs? The Alex Rios #/25?

      It seemed like a card a White Sox fan like Jeff wouldn't mind having but wouldn't necessarily buy so I was happy to throw it into an already outgoing package.

    2. In previous A&G releases, the Red Back #/25 had a "Bazooka" brand logo on it, so they are commonly referred to as Bazooka backs. For 2012 they changed up to a "Baseball" back, but the common name hasn't faded yet.

      In other words, yes, the "bazooka back" is the Rios #/25