Thursday, February 28, 2013

2011 Topps Lineage Aramis Ramirez Jersey

I've read of the many different ways people use ebay to build there collections. Personally, when I browse, I always look at the seller's other items when making a choice between a seller A and seller B that have something I want for a similar price. I don't mind doing the extra leg work or paying an extra buck here and there for one item if my overall purchase price will be lower.

Because of that, I mentally upped my bid on the Barney camo card by about $2. Hindsight shows that I wouldn't have won if I had stuck with the bid I originally had in mind but did win with the extra bump. From that same seller I also managed to pick up this Topps Lineage jersey card for $0.99.

Funny how I wouldn't even give it a second look for the $4 it would have cost me by itself with shipping but for $3.28, I'll take it. For those doing the math, I consider buck it cost me, split the $2.00 shipping between the 2 cards for another buck and then take the extra $1.28 it took to win the Barney above my original bid.

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