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I often take some good natured ribbing for being a Cubs fan, especially lately with the success of my local team, the Washington Nationals. One of my common responses has been, "Well, at least the Cubs haven't been so bad that they get the top pick in the draft two years in a row. In fact, only the Nats have."

That usually shuts them up.

But later today with the start of this year's draft, barring a trade, the Houston Astros will join the Nats in that distinction. Oddly enough, as bad as the Cubs have been perceived to be, they've only had one top overall pick in draft history, 1982's Shawon Dunston, commemorated here on a 1985 Topps card.

1985 Topps Shawon Dunston Rookie

Being bad is frustrating and I certainly don't root against the Cubs, but not being bad enough to get the top picks to help turn around the team can be frustrating too! So today, in honor of the Cubs having the #2 overall pick in the draft, I'm going to take a look at the three players previously selected in that spot by the Chicago Cubs. It's been a while since I showed off an ATCRCS card without an autograph so I whipped these up just for this post.

1967 #2 pick, Terry Hughes
In the third year of the draft, 1967 the Cubs selected Terry Hughes with the second pick. Hughes toiled away in the minors before receiving a late season call-up in September 1970. He had 3 at-bats over 2 games with one hit. He was back in the minors the next few seasons before resurfacing with St. Louis Cardinals for 11 in 1973 and the Boston Red Sox in 1974. Not bad finding a photo to use despite the limited playing time.

Selected ahead of Hughes was Ron Blomberg on the Yankees, notable for being the first Deignated Hitter in league history.

1981 #2 pick, Joe Carter
Fast forward nearly a decade and a half and we get to 1981 where the Cubs selected Joe Carter with the #2 pick. (Yes, with Dunston the following year at #1, the Cubs almost back-to-backed, but they didn't!)

Carter was also a Cubs short-timer, spending 23 games with the club in 1983. Carter was traded to the Indians the following season in a multiplayer deal that included bring Rick Sutcliffe to the Cubs. Carter is probably best known for his walk-off World Series home run from his time in Toronto.

The Mariners selected Mike Moore with the #1 pick that year. Moore would go onto to be an All-Star for the Oakland A's in 1989 and win games two and four in their sweep over the Giants in the World Series that year.
2001 #2 pick, Mark Prior
We're going to fast forward again, this time two full decades to 2001 for the Cubs next and most recent #2 pick, Mark Prior. He is the most tenured Cub of the three, appearing in 106 games over the course of five seasons. He made an immediate impact pitching for the Cubs in 2002 and won 18 games in his first full season, 2003. That was the year the Cubs were just a few outs from their first World Series since 1945 before the wheels fell off. *cough* Bartman *cough*

I wouldn't call Prior a bust, he did give the Cubs a few good years. However, injuries derailed his career and despite signing with the Padres, Rangers, Yankees, Red Sox and Reds, Prior has still only pitched for the Cubs in the Majors.

The Twins had the #1 pick that year and selected some guy named Joe Mauer. I guess that's worked out.

So not a real spectacular history at #2 for the Cubs. Let's see what kind of magic this new regime can pull out of their hat!

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