Monday, June 10, 2013

Three More Desert Shield Cards

I mentioned yesterday that I will be putting the breaks on picking up any more repacks in the near future. The card budget took a hit the past six weeks or so and with two big card shows on the horizon (a local CSA show and the National), I'm having to prioritize.
I've avoided picking up any GQ, Archives and Bowman, not even just the Cubs, but I've been jonesing for some new cards. I headed over to eBay with a very small budget and was able to add a trio of 1991 Topps Desert Shield cards. As I've mentioned before, I'm being pretty particular about the condition of these cards, otherwise this 20+ year old set would be finished by now.
First up is current Yankees bullpen coach, Mike Harkey. He was a first round (4th overall) pick by the Cubs in the 1987 draft and deemed a "Future Star" by Topps in the 1989 set.
Next up is Astros third base coach, Dave Clark. He is also a former first round draft pick but was selected by the Indians in 1983 with the #11 pick. He joined the Cubs in exchange for Mitch Webster following the 1989 Boys of Zimmer season. He spent the 1990 season with the Cubs and then bounced around a little before returning for the 1997 season.

And finally, there's pitcher Bill Long. The Cubs picked him up from the cross town White Sox during the 1990 season. He went 6-1 with 5 Saves in 42 relief appearances but was released following the season. According to Wikipedia, following his retirement from baseball, Long became a teacher and currently teaches middle school social studies in Kentucky.
This brings me to completing just over 1/3 of the set. Another third should be fairly easy aside from finding excellent conditions versions, with the final third being some of the more pricier stars of the team.

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