Monday, June 3, 2013


Personally, professionally and hobby-wise, for some reason, May did not want to seem to end. But June finally showed up over the weekend and sometimes a new page on the calendar can bring a big sigh of relief. Since you probably only really card about the hobby, here's what I've been up to and what I'm looking forward to.

In April and May, I sent out a bunch of my ATCRCS cards to fellow collectors from SCN who could help get them signed. Various agreements were worked out including exchanging the autographs for other autographs and me flat out paying to get the job done. Nothing outrageous, but it did take its toll on my card budget. I'm sure most of you can relate, some weeks you're a prince, some weeks you're a pauper. Now the dividends are being paid back though as they've been trickling back in.

Right before the weekend also brought a paycheck, so my card alottment is burning a hole in my pocket. While I have yet to pick up any Gypsy Queen, Bowman or Archives (for myself), I haven't felt like I've missed anything. I've nearly completed an inventory of my Cubs collection and I think I'm going to focus on filling in holes and wait for the inevitable price drop on new stuff.

Speaking of those sets, I did manage to pick up blasters of each for the Fantasy League I've been running. I never wrote about Bowman and Archives because it probably only matters to the bloggers in the league, but I picked them up at Target shortly after they were released. And just this past weekend I picked up a blaster of Archives at Wal-mart. I almost picked up a football one on accident because the baseball ones were in the wrong spot. Now we're just waiting on Allen & Ginter and Topps Series 2 to finish off the prize pool!

In other news, I've mailed out about 20-25 PWE's and little yellow bubble envelopes from my card giveaway between late last week and today. There are a couple people I need to contact for addresses but otherwise, many of you should be getting something soon!
Until my recent eBay pickups start rolling in, I hope you can stomach some more ATCRCS cards that I'll be showing off soon. When I made my New Year's goal of 200 by the end of the year, I didn't really realize how far I was overreaching!

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