Friday, June 7, 2013

First Pitch Friday - Dan Quayle

It feels like it has been a while since I did one of these. In fact, I'm not sure I've done one since the season started.

All politics aside, the spelling bee last week reminded me of the infamous Dan Quayle potato"e" incident and I vaguely remembered him throwing out a first pitch so I tracked down a photo. From what I've read, he grew up listening to White Sox games and threw out a first pitch when New Comiskey was still fairly new but I try not to discriminate here at Once a Cub. I believe he also threw out pitches at Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards during his time in office. Such is the life of a politician, I guess.

By all accounts, Quayle threw a strike to catcher Rick Wrona before the Dodgers proceeded to give the Cubs a 15-6 beatdown behind Fernando Valenzuela. I also came across some photos of Tommy Lasorda trying to give Quayle a Dodgers jacket that same game.
After looking at the boxscore, it must have been a crazy day. Maybe I'm offbase here, but I don't remember Lenny Harris as a speed demon Apparently he legged out a bases loaded triple. That's fine, Wrigley has some weird nooks and crannies. But Fernando was on first when it was hit! So not only did Harris make it to third but Fernando had to run 270 feet as well. That ball must have caromed from one of the corners into centerfield. Or got lost in the ivy and the outfielders didn't put their hands up.

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