Monday, June 17, 2013

Dave Magadan

Sorry about not posting over the weekend. I was whisked away for a surprise Father's Day mini family reunion and with no time to plan, I didn't get posts up. Oh well, you all lived, right?

The other day when I posted about my Jeff Baker pickup, I teased another Texas Ranger and it probably wasn't who you thought it was. I suspected some would think it was Geovany Soto. Some may have been able to pull pitcher Neal Cotts (doubt it) but it wasn't him either. I went even deeper into the the coaches side.

Another lousy scan, too yellow and too dark, but I think you get the idea. If I get around to rescanning it, I'll swap it out. Dave Magadan signed as a free agent for the 1996 season and split the season between pinch hitting and playing third, although he snuck in a few games at first as well.

This was the year after I graduated high school so I didn't spend much time following the Cubs that summer. I remember him being a Cub but nothing in particular. Once a Cub though...Always a Cub!

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