Sunday, June 2, 2013

Repack Sunday!

So this is the repack I picked up for last week's post but didn't have time to scan in. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the package like I normally do and by the time I did get around to scanning the cards, I even forgot which four cards were showing. It was similar to this repack from three weeks ago although I got it at a Walgreens this time instead of Five Below. It wasn't the last one, but the other looked like it had been dropped directly on a corner 5-6 times. So this one it was.

This pack probably had the fewest represented sets of all of the repacks I've opened. The oldest and newest sets were represented multiple times each so I went with a couple of favorites to showcase.

The were probably at least 7-8 cards from the 1987 Fleer set. Alan Trammell is a former Cubs coach so he gets the nod here. There were also a couple of 1987 Topps. Nowhere near as old as the 1968 card I pulled from the repack I linked above.
There were also a bunch of cards from 2010 Topps. Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija is shown here as not onlyis he a Cub, but he showed up twice! Tough loss last night as he left the game with a 3-1 lead and the final score was 12-4. Way to go, bullpen!
There were also a ton of these All-Star cards. These are all of the different ones, but I also got 4 doubles.

When I pulled these cards, I found something interesting about them.

Not so much the fronts, but on the backs.

I flipped over the 1990 Score Paul Coleman card to see if maybe he was related to Vince Coleman but instead he is referred to as a "chunky 18-year old outfielder" in the blurb. Maybe it's just me, or maybe I'm a little too tired, but I find that hilarious. I didn't see anything about being related although Vince Coleman was born in Jacksonville, FL while Paul was born in Jacksonville, TX. Kind of weird. Despite being the 6th overall pick in the 1989 Draft, Paul topped out at Double-A. He was selected one pick ahead of some guy named Frank Thomas.

This Doug Jones Record Breaker card from the 1989 Topps set is also a bit of a laugher. He broke Steve Bedrosian's consecutive saves record of 13 with an astounding 15. And the reason this is kind of joke now is that the current record stands at 84*. Yes, there's an asterix there because the record holder is confessed HGH user Eric Gagne. But even if you take his record out of the equation, the next 8 players down the list have 40 or more consecutive Saves.
But that was a much simpler time. Speaking of which, the times were so simple, it didn't matter what kind of vision correction you wore, as noted by Daryl Boston, Sherman Corbett and Bob Horner. Classic.

As usual, we'll wrap this up with the former/future/present portion of the post. You'll see a little more of the variety of brands here, but not by much.
Erik Pappas looks about as thrilled as you should be to be in a Cardinals uniform. And aside from the two Samardzijas above, I pulled a Ryne Sandberg and Willie Wilson.

What kind of seemed like a dud repack was actually redeemed itself with this Sammy Sosa (no cork) game used bat card from Allen & Ginter. Alas, he is not on the Cubs so it will not stay in the collection. I about 99% sure I've found him a good home though.

Now, as I mentioned at the very beginning, I only chose this repack because the other one was so banged up. But looking back, I probably could have foreseen this relic card as it came in a penny sleeve. and you can clearly see the edges of these cards before you buy them. I'm generally not an advocate of pack searching but if I ever find a supply of these where there is more than one left and/or the other one isn't detroyed, I may have to look a little closer.


  1. I love the "no cork" comment.
    Man, do I love repack Sundays. Thanks!

  2. The Al Lopez stood out for me too. I hate Sammy, though.