Sunday, May 12, 2013

Repack Sunday!

Had a great time at the game yesterday but you'll have to wait for Monday to get a recap. Why? Because it's Sunday and that means I have another repack to bust!

I needed to go back to Five Below this week to pick up the remaining three repack boxes for the Fantasy League I'm running. I fought off the urge to buy a fourth one for myself. Instead, I saw this lonely, singular, hanging pack for $3.99. It contains the 100 random cards the other boxes contained but for a dollar less, none of those 4 unopened packs that were getting monotonous.

Not bad
But the oddball Eddie Mathews card sold me

Here'a a better look at those four showing.

I couldn't find anything on this Austin Jackson card. It has a black border but isn't chrome which is all I saw when I was doing a search on eBay, COMC, and Sportlots. On the back it is numbered HP40. I'm not privy to the quirks of Heritage. Anybody know anything about it?

My dad's name is Ed and my name is Matthew so Eddie Mathews is a non-Cub I had a slight interest in growing up even though he was done playing long before my time. Nice oddball pickup.

This was a Davey Lopes hotpack filled with Lopes cards no good to me nor Night Owl and grcl. Astros? They've been completely off my radar now that they're not in the NL Central anymore.

There was a decent selection of former/future Cubs. The 1987 Donruss Willie Wilson is from the Opening Day set. I wonder if that was trademarked/copyrighted at all and if so, how did Topps end up with the brand?

I did see Quirk and Deshaies at the Cubs/Nats game but not in an autograph situation.Quirk was during BP/infield drills and from where I sat in the nosebleeds, I had a pretty good view of Len and JD in the broadcast booth.

I did see Quirk and Deshaies at the Cubs/Nats game but not in an autograph situation. Quirk was during BP/infield drills and from where I sat in the nosebleeds, I had a pretty good view of Len and JD in the broadcast booth.

Cubs had a better than average showing in this pack with five cards, although all of these were dupes for my collection.

Quirky stuff? Sure, had some of that too. Here's former Reds prospect Justin Towle doing his best Bo Jackson impression. Minus the football shoulder pads. And the big league experience.

How about bunting photos? What about a DH bunting card? How many times do you think Albert Belle (or any other player who averaged 40 HRs a season over their career) was asked to lay one down? Although, to be fair, this was barely passed the Joey phase and early in his career.

Any guesses on the oldest card(s) in this pack? 1984 Topps?

Not even close. Maybe Fleer's return to the hobby in 1981 with these Rich Gale and Jerry Remy cards?

Nope. After pulling his 1982 Donruss card last week, could Larry Milbourne be amongst the oldest cards in the box for two weeks in a row?!? Here's a 1978 Topps along with a Ron Cey All-Star card from the same set.

Closer, but no. Alright, now we're getting into cards that pre-date me. How about a pair of 1977 Topps card? They wouldn't put cards any older than that in a repack box, would they?

Apparently so. And the winner for the oldest card in this repack (and any repack I've ever opened for that matter) is a 1968 Gary Peters.

Peters was the 1963 AL Rookie of the Year.What did he do to deserve that? Oh, he won 19 games with a league leading 2.33 ERA. Sophomore slump? Nah, he won 20 games, tied for the AL lead. Too bad he was a South Sider.

Not too shabby for a repack. If I see anymore of this style I might pick up more. I'll also expect, and be gravely disappointed if I don't pull cards from the '60s every time.


  1. Nice vintage there! I've gotten a few '59s from Target repacks, which are the oldest ones I've ever pulled. I believe the black bordered Heritage cards came from Target blister packs, three packs also came with three of those black beauties. No Padres from last year's set, though, which was lame.

  2. I'll trade you some of your Opening Day want list for the 2 bunt cards. A bunch more Opening Day for the '77 House...

  3. I have seen these/bought these at Walgreen's. Nothing older than 1980 for me though.


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