Sunday, May 19, 2013

Repack Sunday!

This week's repack box is courtesy of Target. There were several different options, including some similar to last week's box from Five Below, but for a dollar more. There were also a couple of the repacks in the hard plastic cases like this one from several weeks ago.

Since I went a little less expensive last week, I decided to go over budget this week and pick up this one:

You can see in the upper right hand corner, it was $14.99. This one was the only one of it's kind left and I have thing for last ones. This also had a hard plastic case and boasted one complete set, one hobby pack and one game used card. This left about 100 random cards in the pack as well.

The complete set was a 1990 Score Rookie and Traded set. A quick eBay seach puts this at a value of just a few bucks, probably around $5-6 if you include shipping, so not a very big coup there. As far as Cubs go in this set, there's Bill Long, Shawn Boskie & Hector Villanueva. Yeah.

I do vaguely remember the Eric Lindros card being a big deal when the set came out, but probably couldn't get a quarter for it now. 

Even with all that negativity, I'm a big fan of Score products. Bright colorful borders, color photos on both sides. What's not to like? Someday I may even put together the entire run of sets so I'll be sitting on this until then. 

The hobby pack was 2003 Flair. The odds of 1:5 packs containing a memorabilia card seem pretty good for back then. Heck, it sounds good now. But, alas, no luck here.

Sean Burroughs, Scott Rolen, Omar Vizquel
Jason Kendall, Joe Borchard
Actually, the most interesting part of the pack to me was the checklist they included because it showed the "Future Fame" subset list. I'm guessing these were prospects and its always neat to me to look at who panned out and who didn't. Ten years later, how many of these guys do you recognize? You should be able to click on it to get a zoomed in view.

Speaking of guys who may or may not have made, among the miscellaneous cards were these minor leaguers. 

Rob Richie made a brief appearance on the Detroit Tigers roster towards the end of the 1989 season, playing in 19 games. Vince Harris never managed to crack a Major League roster, spending 11 seasons in the White Sox, Padres and Mets systems.

Also a couple of more recent hopefuls:

Wendell Fairley was the Giants 1st Round pick in 2007. Last year he was with their double-A affiliate but was recently released in spring training. I couldn't find anything saying he had signed anywhere else yet. Kyle Lotzkar was also a 2007 draft pick, but with the Reds. He is currently pitching for their double-A affiliate, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. Previously starting 65 of his 68 career appearances, Lotzkar has come out of the bullpen in all 10 of his games this season.

If all of that extra information doesn't lead you to believe there wasn't much else special about this repack, I'm not sure what else I can do. There were a few other interesting cards but not much. Here are the oldest and newest cards in the pack.


1985 Topps All-Star Rich "Goose" Gossage, 2010 Topps Chrome Mike Leake

Some other cards of note:
Loved these art cards back in the day

Eric Davis in an unfamiliar uniform. I knew he bounced around a little after leaving Cincinnati but I totally forgot about his stop in Detroit. Hard to believe they found four photos to use of Davis in a Tigers uniform on just one card!

Honest to goodness, I really did find this 1993 Upper Deck Orestes Destrade card interesting. First off, it's a  1993 card, the first year the Marlins existed, so I don't know where the photo came from. Way too much to photoshop. Spring training? According to the stats and blurb on the back, he had one career home run before heading to Japan for three seasons, in which he lead the Japanese League in home runs all three seasons, all right around 40. The photo on the front looks like Destrade just passed the third base coach while rounding the bases on one of his 20 home runs that year. Also on the back, Destrade is signing autographs.

In previous repacks, I've gotten duplicates cards before. Two cards exactly the same. Probably just a collating thing. But in this one, I noticed a more-than-usual phenomenon of same player, different cards. Of the, literally, thousands of players to choose from, I got two different cards of these four players. It just seemed weird since there were only about 100 cards.

On to the former Cubs and Cubs.

Gary Gaetti seems to appear in these repacks quite often. Probably because he played quite a bit during the junk wax era. Lee Smith as an Oriole still seems weird. And a somewhat smaller Rafael Palemeiro with the Rangers.

I didn't mean to crop the Bielecki and Pico so tight because you can't really tell what horrible condition they actually came in. The left edge of the Bielecki and top edge of the Pico were just awful. Probably more noticeable because of the black edges, but just awful. And these weren't even the worst two in the repack. Considering how good the cards from the '60s and '70s I got last week, I was kind of surprised at the quality of the late '80s/early '90s card I got this week.

On the other hand, the Terry Francona below ended up being an upgrade to the one I had.

You may have thought I forgot about the game used card but I didn't. I figured I'd save it for those who stuck around through all the babble about a bad bunch of cards, haha. If it couldn't be a Cub, it may as well be someone from the team of a fellow blogger I'm currently indebted to, trade-wise. This one will be heading out to Jeff of 2 by 3 Heroes fame. 


  1. I was doing pretty good with the Future Fame players: Peralta, LaRoche, Matsui, Willingham, Wang, Victorino, and Contreras. I even remember Matt Bruback being a Cub and Nook Logan being from the White Sox, but after that I was grapsing at straws.

    Felix Sanchez? Didn't he end up pitching for the Cubs?

  2. Thats's the second Jeff Pico card I've seen today (Wrigley Wax). The teal may have been a little too much but I think the old Marlin's uniforms look great on cards.

    1. There is no such thing as "Too much Teal" Teal is the most beautiful color in the world and the Teal has 2 Championships. @Once a Cub love the Blog btw just started following check mine out feel free to join the site if you like what you see.

    2. Careful about reminding Cubs fans of Marlins championships.

    3. Good point Thats some dangerous stuff