Friday, May 31, 2013

Tony Campana (Yes, again!)

As I mentioned with the Greg Gross cards from last week, I utilized two different collectors to help me out with the Reno Aces. The whole reason I looked at the roster and saw Greg Gross and Brad Snyder to begin with was because of today's featured former Cub, Tony Campana. All in all, I now have 5(!) more Tony Campana autographs to add to my collection. The first three are courtesy of SCN user vinniemiller while the second two came from SCN user justgreg.
To start it off, I have a 2013 factory team set card. I mentioned previously that I was a little surprised at Campana's inclusion into this set but I am more than happy to add it.
Next up, I have two of my newer customs designs that blended my ATCRCS cards with a little A&G flavor. One with the Cubs, and one that may be his first and among the only cards to feature him with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The photo I used is from the team's photo day back in Spring Training. This card will definitely stay in the collection despite the team change.

And of course, after obtaining all of these signed cards from Tony Campana, I finally got around to knocking the ATCRCS card off the list as well. The photo is from his first season with the Cubs as evidenced by his jersey #41 (he switched to #1 in his second season) but I think it perfectly captures what he brought to the team. 
As an added bonus, justgreg threw in this 2012 parallel just because he knew what a big fan I was!
I am super excited to be expanding my Tony Campana collection. This nearly doubles my signed Tony Campana card collection and the ATCRCS card is the 56th in that collection.

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