Saturday, May 25, 2013

Greg Gross

You may have noticed I haven't shown off to many new cards here lately and that's partly because of something I mentioned here earlier in the week. And partly because I've been busy trying to catch up on some of my New Year's goals regarding my collection. I just got a batch of ATCRCS cards back that I'll be showing off and some "real cards" too.
Today, I've got Reno Aces (Triple-A Diamondbacks affiliate) manager and former Cub, Greg Gross. Despite playing most of three full seasons (and part of another) with the Astros, Gross didn't hit his first home run until he came to the Cubs in 1977. In fact, he hit 6 of his career 7 home runs during his two year stint with the Cubs. And it's not like he had a 5 year career. He played for parts of 17 seasons!
Gross looks a little worried here that he's going to be a Cub for a loooong time.

I sent these two Topps cards to a fellow collector from SCN that regularly 'graphs the Tacoma Rainiers (Triple-A Mariners) and the visiting teams. He got them both signed when the Aces were in town a couple of weeks ago along with a couple of other cards of other players for my collection that will be shown later. Gross had moved on to the Phillies by the time Fleer and Donruss rolled around so as far as I know, these are his only Cubs cards. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up in a SSPC set or oddballs somewhere.
I also sent a few cards of the same guys to another collector in the same area so I'd have a better chance to get more done. Greedy? Maybe just a little. But three isn't too bad. Plus, here on the ATCRCS card, Gross looks a little happier here to be a Cub.
This is the 54th card in my ATCRCS collection and with no other new incoming cards, you'll probably be seeing a few more next week.

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  1. Congrats on the growing autograph collection.

    And you're right, Gross was in the 1978 SSPC set...take a peak here