Sunday, May 26, 2013

Last Call for Free Cards

I picked up a repack for this week, but ran out time for scanning in the cards. Since I'm short on time for getting this post up, I'll just reiterate a post from last week.

I mentioned I was suffocating in cardboard after weeks of busting open repacks. Anybody who follows this blog knows I'm just interested in the Cubs cards so I offered up the other stuff to any takers.

About half of the teams are left, while some of the bigger name teams have enough for an additional lot or two so as the title says, this is a last call before I move them over to eBay. Check out my original post for more details.

Leave a message with your preferred team and send me an email with your address if we haven't traded before. Heck, even if we have traded before, it might be a good idea to resend your email. For those who already responded to the original post, your claims have been noted.

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