Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blake Parker

Like last week's Brooks Raley cards, this Blake Parker ATCRCS card comes courtesy of some help through

Parker is currently in Iowa with the Cubs Triple-A affiliate where he also spent most of last year. However, he qualifies for an ATCRCS card because he pitched 6 innings over 7 appearances in two different stints with the big league club last season.

After a short stint in late May-early June, he was also recalled towards the end of the year. He pitched in two of three games here in Washington, although not in the game I went to. I was lucky enough to get his custom 2012 team set card signed during that series though. I also have a 2012 Iowa Cubs team set card signed by him.

I read a few weeks ago that Blake Parker became the Iowa Cubs all-time Saves leader with, wait for it...35 career Saves at Iowa. I'll admit I don't follow the minor leagues as much as I could, but for a team as old as the I-Cubs, that seems absurdly for a career leader. I guess if you prove you can do it a couple of times in Iowa, you're ready for the Major League bullpen.

I'm not real active on Twitter but when I signed up, I followed a bunch of Cubs players, Blake Parker being one. I thanked him via Twitter after he signed for me last year and he actually responded, which I thought was kind of cool.

This is the 53rd ATCRCS card I've gotten signed for my collection.

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