Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trade with Night Owl

I'm pretty sure that Night Owl is prolific enough within the blogosphere to have quite possibly traded away more cards than I can hope to own so I'm not even going to attempt a witty/punny headline that has probably  already been done anyway.

I seemed to get a disproportionate amount of Dodgers in my boxes of Opening Day a few weeks ago and N.O. was kind enough to take them off my hands.

In return, I received some cards from my Opening Day Want List and some cards I didn't even know I wanted! This dozen brings my Want List down to just 22 base cards.

A pair of Cubs minis helped fill out the package. The Starlin Castro was part of my Series 1 Want List. I missed Topps Lineage completely so any addition from that set is more than welcome. 

As for the cards I didn't know I wanted, N.O. threw in some actual 1975 Minis (not just the Lineage lookalike). I don't know what the average age for baseball card bloggers is but I was born in the late '70s. With the amount of mass production I have seen in my lifetime, anything that pre-dates me (even by just a couple of years) is as good as gold. While I have quite a few Cubs cards that fit this bill, these are the first minis that do.

Thanks for the trade Night Owl!!


  1. Airbrushed greatness right there!

    I'm guessing the average blogger is whatever age you have to be to have '87 Topps be the first set you collected. There's lots of folks out there who resemble that.

    1. I remember getting packs in 1984 and 1985 as 6-7 year old but wouldn't have called myself a collector until 1988-1989 so I may be just under the curve there.

      My first clear memory of going to a baseball card specific store was in New York in 1985. My dad let us each get a pack of 1985 Topps. The owner said that if either of us got a Dwight Gooden, he would trade us the rest of the box for it. Sure enough my brother pulled it and made the trade.

      Packs were probably only like 30 or 40 cents back then but it seemed like a really big deal to come home with about 20 packs, when we originally only had 2 between us!