Tuesday, May 21, 2013

PWE from 2x3 Heroes

Just the other day I mentioned I was behind on trades with Jeff from 2x3 Heroes and the very next day, I received another PWE from him.

Ah, back when the Cubs were in the N.L. East. Howard Johnson ended up playing for the Cubs in 1995 but that was smack dab in the middle of Ryne Sandberg's first retirement so they were never teammates. Look for more on HoJo in the next week or so. 

Speaking of Ryno, this is one of my favorite Sandberg cards. Two shots of Ryno ranging to his right to field a ground ball and when you flip it over...

...he's finishing the playing, getting the out at first, I'm sure. It's very hard to tell, but I'm hoping that's an Andre Dawson cameo out in right field.

When I break open my repack boxes on Sunday I show off future and former Cubs even though I don't normally keep them for my collection. Aside from my complete sets, my keepers are probably 99% Cubs. This Anthony Rizzo in a Padres uniform will join that other 1%. It's just so sparkly!

And speaking of Rizzo, Jeff threw in this 2013 Opening Day card. I don't know if he checked my want list for it or just put it in the envelope becuase it was a Cub, but I needed it too. I had one already for my Cubs collection, but needed this one for the complete set I'm working on.

Thanks for the bomb, Jeff!

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  1. If it says "Rizzo", it goes in the Once A Cub pile. That's how it works at 2x3 headquarters. :)