Sunday, May 5, 2013

Repack Sunday!!

So I had every intention of picking something different up this weekend but my errands did not put me on the same side of town as the Target that has a pretty decent card section. So I'm going with the standard $4.99 repack from Five Below.

This will probably be the last one of these in particular for a while though. I am usually pleasantly surprised with the miscellaneous cards but the 4 unopened packs are getting a little monotonous. Plus, I am overflowing with non-Cubs cards The mostly junk wax, while interesting at times, does not make for good trade bait!

Starquest Michael Young, former Cub Mark Grudzielanek
A nice horizontal Luke Hochevar rookie card
Future Cub Carlos Pena Starquest, Yankee Stadium Legacy Whitey Ford

Still not much in the Fleer Ultra pack but nothing wrong with a second-stint-with-the-Diamondbacks, Randy Johnson.

I thought I'd be running out of 1989 Topps to show off but I found a couple of noteworthy ones here for some of you niche collectors.
The included Rookie
Signing an autograph
Multiple bats
Always tied to Ryno between 1983 Rookies and 2005 Hall of Fame Induction
Future Cub, On Deck, Doughnut
And a current Cub!
On to some more interesting cards from the random 100.

Oldest cards in the box, a trio of 1982 Donruss. Miguel Dilone played for the Cubs in 1979.

Some more Nolan Ryan cards. I'm not sure if these are part of the same set as last week's but I'm feeling a little too lazy right now to compare. Also, I think I scanned them backwards since someone might typically start slow, then get hot.

Sometimes zooming in on a photo is good. This is not one of those times. This wasn't done to get a better shot at the player's face so why not zoom out a little and get the full view of this submariner throwing motion?

A play at the plate with Joey Albert Belle. The ball looks to be under the catcher's (Terry Steinabch?) right knee coming in on a bounce. I would guess Belle was safe but if that ball is coming in pretty hard and bounces right into the glove, Steinbach looks to be blocking the plate pretty well. Could go either way.

Someone is happy to be a Tiger in 1984!

Somebody is not happy to be a Brewer in 1986. Maybe he's dreaming of being a power hitting first baseman for the New York Yankees? Maybe call himself Haywood?

Is Leaf considered an oddball at this point? Seems odd enough to be significant to me. I like the Bobby D. Hopefully you can click to enlarge the photo because the hat on Don Robinson is ridiculous.

Triple exposure cards are pretty cool although this one doesn't flow quite right. Should have gone with stance, mid swing and follow through. Instead we have stance, follow through and starting to run. Not smooth.

A couple of expansion draft Rockies from 1993 Donruss

More 1993 Donruss, this time Cubbies!
The only other Cubs in the box

Wrapping up this week's box, we have the former and future Cubs. Not too many this week. I remember Todd Van Poppel being a pretty big deal, one that never quite panned out. He spent two seasons as a middle reliever with the Cubs in 2000 and 2001. Alan Trammell spent a couple seasons as the bench coach for the Cubs under Lou Piniella. He has since moved on to the Arizona Diamondbacks, working under former Tigers teammate Kirk Gibson.

Darrin Jackson was partially one of theBoys of Zimmer, playing for the Cubs during the first part of the 1989 season before being traded to San Diego in August of that year. He is currently a broadcaster with the White Sox.


  1. Didn't know that Jackson was with the Sox as a broadcaster. Only knew of him through his Padre cards as a kid, but he's one that (for whatever reason) I assumed had ALWAYS been a Padre.

  2. I think Mike MacFarlane just got caught in the act of taking all those bats to his car. He looks guilty.