Friday, May 10, 2013

2012 Gold Prizm Tony Campana Parallel

Continuing my quest to build my Tony Campana player collection, I picked up a gold parallel of his 2012 Prizm card on eBay. These are numbered out of 10 so I figured if I wanted one, I'd have to act quickly. I first noticed a ridiculously priced one for about $50. The seller did not have the Best Offer option and I didn't even pay that for any of the licensed 1/1's!

Another one popped up a few days later but I missed out on that one. Good news was that it went for just over half of the Buy It Now one. That's precedence I can get behind. I sent a note to the original seller asking if he'd be willing to price match that second listing (or at least get closer) but didn't hear anything back.

Lo and behold, a third one popped up at a decent starting price. When all was said and done, I walked away with this one for even less than the second.

In the past, I've found waiting to be a good strategy to get a price break, but never on something as limited as this. This marks the third variation of this card I have (after the base and refractor). I have also seen a green one and am starting to see red ones pop up of various players but no Campana yet.

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