Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2012 Panini Prizm Tony Campana + Refractor

When the Cubs traded Tony Campana away in February, I wasn't sure when his next card would come out. He didn't make the D-backs out of the Spring Training and isn't exactly tearing it up in AAA Reno either. But since then, I've already added a couple of cards to my collection. Last week, I did a post on his card that was included in the Factory Team set from Topps.

Today I have his two issues from 2012 Panini Prizm, a base card and a refractor.

They scanned pretty dark but actually have a light grey/silver border. If I wasn't holding these cards at the same time, I doubt that I could tell the difference right away. Both are very shiny and glossy but the refractor has the rainbow-y look when held at an angle. At least you can kind of tell from the scan. (If you can't, it's the one on the right.)

Finally the non-fielding pose I was asking for! I don't have all of his minor league team set cards yet but aside from the ones I've made, this is the first I've seen of Tony at the plate.

As for the backs, I only noted one difference. The refractor has the word PRIZM in the lower right hand corner of the card and the base card doesn't.

I think the backs are pretty solid. They do reuse the same photo from the front, but only from the torso up and then sepia'd. Yep, I just verbed that word (and then again with verb). They have all the pertinent information with personal stats, a small blurb and stats from last season and his career. Can't reall ask for more.

That said, I won't be collecting the entire set of these (maybe if they had team logos) but I will eventually pick up a Cubs team set of both the base and refractors.


  1. NIce! I'm waiting for my Barney versions of the same cards to arrive..hopefully within the next day or two. Can't decide whether to chase the whole team set of the Chicago Baseball Club or not (not sure if I want to start chasing unlicensed stuff).

    1. I make unlicensed stuff myself so I won't hold that against them. :)

      They're nice quality, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

      I think these are barely on the radar so while pack prices are high, individual cards are decent.